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viRome: an R package for the visualization and analysis of viral small RNA sequence datasets

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SUMMARY: RNA interference (RNAi) is known to play an important part in defense against viruses in a range of species. Second-generation sequencing technologies allow us to assay these systems and the small RNAs that play a key role with unprecedented depth. However, scientists need access to tools which can condense, analyse and display the resulting data. Here we present viRome, a package for R that takes aligned sequence data and produces a range of essential plots and reports.Availability and implementation: viRome is released under the BSD license as a package for R available for both Windows and Linux http://virome.sf.net CONTACT: mick.watson@roslin.ed.ac.uk SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Additional information and a tutorial is available on the ARK-Genomics website: http://www.ark-genomics.org/bioinformatics/virome.

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